Иллюстрированный самоучитель по VB.NET


comma separated list of users

30 <allow users- "*" /><!-- Allow all users -->

31 <!--<allow users="[comma separated list of users]"

32 roles="[comma separated list of roles]"/>

33 <deny users="[ comma separated list of users ]"

34 roles="[comma separated list of roles]"/>

35 -->

36 </authorization>


38 Application»level tracing enables trace log output for every page within

39 an application.Set trace enabled= "true"to enable application trace

40 logging.If pageOutput- "true",the trace information will be displayed at

41 the bottom of each page.Otherwise,you can view the application trace

42 log by browsing the "trace.axd"page from your Web application root.

43 -->

44 <trace enabled- "false" requestLimit = "10"

45 pageOutput = "false" traceMode = "SortByTime"

46 localOnly- "true" />


48 By default ASP .NET uses cookies to identify which requests belong to a

49 particular session.If cookies are not available.a session can be

50 tracked by adding a session identifier session.To disable cookies.set

51 sessionState cookieless = "true"'

52 -->

53 <sessionState

54 mode="InProc"

55 stateConnectionString - "tcpip="

56 sqlConnectionSthng = "data source= id=sa:password="

57 cookieless="false"

58 timeout="20"

59 />


61 This section sets the types of files that will not be downloaded.As

62 well as entering a httphandler for a file type.you must also *

63 associate that file type with the xspisapi.dll in the App Mappings

64 property of the Web site.or the file can be downloaded.lt is

65 recommended that you use this section to prevent your sources from

66 being downloaded.

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